2022 Scholarship Recipients

Through the generosity of donors to RCCF’s scholarship funds, $227,474 were awarded to 66 students pursuing higher education this upcoming school year. “Thank you to all the donors who have made these scholarships possible,” said Alisa Winters, Community Foundation Executive Director. “We had a great pool of applicants and are always pleased to support students as they pursue their goals through higher education.”


We send our heartfelt congratulations and best wishes to our scholarship recipients and the entire RCHS Class of 2022. You’ve made Rush County very proud!


To view a slideshow of all recipients, click on any photo. Use the arrows to the right and left to manually advance or the play button at the bottom. Clicking the “i” will show the scholarships received. To learn even more about them search #1of66RCCFscholars on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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