2022 Cycle II Grantees: Supporting Basic Needs, Safety and Well-Being

Nonprofits do important work in any community. Sometimes they enhance our minds by teaching us new skills. Or speak to our souls with missions that bring about opportunities to see the world through a different lens. Many organizations support the basic needs of the most vulnerable among us or tend to the safety and well-being of us all. The 2022 Cycle II Community Funds grantees belong to the latter.


Please feel good about your support to organizations caring for our families, friends and neighbors during this tough economic climate. Your gifts to Community Grants Funds provided much-needed dollars to these organizations doing good work:


  • City of Rushville Fire & Rescue received $10,279.99 to purchase the Ambu Man Advanced Training Manikin. The realistic attributes of this manikin will heighten their training experience.
  • Firefly Children & Family Alliance received $5,000 to purchase diapers and supplies for the From the Bottom Up Diaper Bank, providing budget relief and great benefit to Rush County families. Packs including diapers, wipes, a children’s book and resources for adults are available at Rush County food pantries during their operating hours.
  • Gleaners Food Bank of Indiana received $12,500 to support the school-based pantries at Milroy Elementary and Rushville Consolidated High School. The need for food assistance in our community is immense.
  • Milroy Elementary School (MES), with support from the Milroy Economic Development Corporation, received $12,620 to create the Milroy Community Walking Path as part of their Project Based Learning initiative. Once the path is complete, it will be open to the Milroy community, providing a wonderful new benefit to all.


Once you’ve made a gift to any of the Community Grants Funds, you’ve made a difference for the people, places and programs of Rush County FOREVER. This is the power of endowed, or permanent, funds, and how a gift to RCCF is long-term investment that impacts nearly every resident in one way or another. You can make a gift online, or by mailing or dropping off a check to: RCCF, 117 N. Main Street, Rushville, IN 46173. We are grateful for your support!

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