2015 Goals & Accomplishments


A New Year brings new resolutions, and additionally, a time to reflect on the accomplishments of the year that just passed.


Several goals were set for the Rush County Community Foundation at the beginning of last year.  Raising unrestricted funds, implementing a fundraiser, bringing awareness to RCCF and our work within the community, increasing local business involvement, and meeting Lilly GIFT VI goals of raising $500,000 in matching funds were listed.  Reflecting on the year, it’s amazing to see that every single goal set has been accomplished.


2015 was a remarkable year at the Rush County Community Foundation.  We awarded $539,200 in grants and scholarships for the year, welcomed 9 new endowment funds, and brought in over $1,000,000 in donations.  The year concluded by marking two additional goals off of the list:  just before ringing in 2016, we celebrated raising the final dollars necessary to attain our year+ long goal of raising matching funds totaling $500,000 for the Lilly Endowment GIFT VI program at our first-ever large fundraiser!


The achievements of 2015 were not possible because of one person or one solitary event.  Together, with our staff, Board of Directors, numerous volunteers, generous donors, and a supportive community, we turned the goals set for the past 365 days into reality.  None of these tasks could have been accomplished individually or without the amazing support we receive daily.  Thank you, Rush County, for making our commitment to our 2015 goals, and to you, possible.  Your ongoing support will benefit us today and for generations to come.  As we look ahead to an exciting new year, we look forward to continuing our work with and for you.


For more information on the Rush County Community Foundation, our Funds, and our impact, please visit our website at www.rushcountyfoundation.org.  Our office is located at 117 N Main St., Rushville.  The office can be reached at (765) 938-1177.

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