YIP Spotlight: Ashley Heady

Former Youth in Philanthropy (YIP) president Ashley Heady is currently attending Purdue University and studying Supply Chain Information and Analytics. Ashley has several leadership positions including being a Resident Assistant in Windsor Hall, Professional Development Coach for Choir, and a building manager for Krach Leadership Center. Ashley plans to use her role as a Resident Assistant to bring philanthropy back into focus for college students by organizing a fundraiser for hurricane relief and volunteering with the campus food bank. Her passion for philanthropy stems from realizing how lucky she is and wanting to give back to her community. She wants to be a good example for her residents and others around her. Also, with the busy schedules of most college students, philanthropy is often pushed to the side. Ashley hopes that providing a group with clear goals will make it easier for students to become involved. Her inspiration for a group like this comes from her time in YIP. She learned that being involved and figuring out the logistics of donating time or money to a cause is much easier when there is a group of people to work with. Ashley would like to thank the amazing leaders of YIP who mentored her, and she hopes more people will become involved in Rush County. RCCF wishes Ashley luck as she furthers her studies, engages others in philanthropy, and applies to volunteer at Riley Hospital for Children! We are so proud of the decisions she is making both for herself and others.

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