Grantee Update: Milroy Elementary

2021 Alex Workman Memorial Fund and Rush County Education Fund Grants Recipient: $1,675

Submitted by: Lisa Wilson, Principal

Spending time in sensory rooms helps children improve visual, auditory and tactile processing and motor skills. These spaces create a sense of calm and comfort to help children self-regulate their behaviors, which improves focus and learning. Movement can help all children improve learning. This project benefits the more than 20 MES students who have social/emotional challenges, as well as the general school population.


Thanks to the Alex Workman Memorial Fund and the Rush County Education Fund grants, we were able to purchase the stencils to put together our Sensory Path at Milroy Elementary. It is used daily to provide a space to enhance their ability to be successful in the classroom.


We appreciate the generosity and continued support from the Rush County Community Foundation. The Sensory Path we installed will benefit many students now and in the future.


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