YIP Spotlight: Zach Morgan

Zach Morgan’s work as a Change and Learning Consultant for International Business Machines (IBM) has kept him busy traveling the world for the past 8 years. Zach is part of a team that trains employees how to adapt to large software system changes. Because he has done so much traveling and moving around for his job, one might find it surprising that he has found ways to be philanthropic. He admits that it is difficult, but he especially tries to give back around the holidays. Before his recent move to Indianapolis, Zach lived in Chicago, where he was active in his church. The church there needed to move into a bigger space because of the attendees, and Zach is still tithing to help them finish their move. He also gives to his church in Indianapolis, Trader’s Point. His devotion to church has allowed Zach to support foster families in the past as well. When he is able, Zach likes to dedicate time to organizing food bank drives and donations, and he gives to the State and National Park Foundations.


When he was still in Rushville, Zach was involved with Youth in Philanthropy (YIP). This organization and Zach’s history of philanthropy have showed him how powerful it is to share one’s given talents with the community. Doing this changes the way someone looks at the community. For Zach, it allows him to get fired up about things he wants to change, such as poverty. Seeing others use their gifts motivates Zach even more, and he tries to always keep his eyes open for the struggles of others. RCCF is so proud to have helped Zach in his philanthropic journey and loves seeing him use his gifts for the benefit of others.

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