YIP Spotlight: Walker Meckes

Former RCCF scholarship recipient  Walker Meckes is using the knowledge he gained in college in his job as a plant manager at Raver Ready Mix in Morristown after having graduated from Northwestern Ohio University with a degree in high performance automotives. Walker recently took time out of his very busy schedule to reflect on his time in Youth in Philanthropy (YIP). Walker’s most memorable experience with YIP was when the team planted bulbs at the south end of town. This made a visible difference in the community and brightened a lot of people’s day. YIP taught Walker how having a group can make the financial side of philanthropy much easier to manage, and it allowed him to develop communication skills as the group pitched ideas for events. Walker really learned the value of philanthropy when he considered how he himself  was giving back to the community through the group. Walker finds philanthropy to be a very personal thing to do, and it makes a person feel very accomplished. In the future, Walker would like to donate his time to conservancies and nature preserves. RCCF is sure that with Walker’s drive and passion for individual philanthropy, he will have no problem becoming involved!



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