YIP Spotlight: Taylor Mock

Taylor Mock is serving the Rush County community by working as a Lead Commissions Clerk at Rush Memorial Hospital. She also works as a Guest Navigator at Major Health Partners and is furthering her career by studying Human Resources Management through Western Governors University. When she isn’t busy working or studying, Taylor is giving back to the community through Kiwanis and Raleigh Christian Church. She also donates to 4-H clubs. Taylor wants to give back to these organizations because they helped her when she was a kid and shaped her into who she is today. Taylor believes being philanthropic can help other people become good and successful. Taylor’s time in Youth in Philanthropy (YIP) exposed her to the needs in the community, and since then, she has tried to help fulfill those needs. YIP also made Taylor realize how critical youth involvement is because being active in the community made her more optimistic about the community. This optimism might have also stemmed from being a RCCF scholarship recipient. Receiving these scholarships helped Taylor recognize how helpful the community is, especially to the youth who actively participate in it. RCCF is happy to have helped Taylor, and we love her strong philanthropic values.

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