YIP Spotlight: Michaela Orme

When Michaela Orme is not helping out RCHS Athletics, she is keeping healthy animal habits in mind by researching nutrition related to livestock at BRRS. Michaela has always had a passion for animals, and she even volunteered with Purdue Goat Club before she graduated from Purdue University in 2017. Michaela describes her current philanthropic effort at RCHS as the Assistant Cross Country Coach as a win-win situation because she gets to work with the students while remaining in shape. Some of the students she works with need a good influence in their lives to help them reach their goals, and Michaela tries her hardest to fulfill this need. She recognizes that any amount of time or effort you can give a person will go a long way in their lives. Michaela learned this from her time in Youth in Philanthropy (YIP), which she was one of her favorite clubs in high school. Michaela was also a RCCF scholarship recipient, and she hopes to give back to her community by setting up a scholarship for women in agriculture in the future. What an amazing goal!

Michaela is proud to give back to her hometown and is encouraged by the programs that have come into Rushville over the past few years. Being from the out-lying edges of the county, she hopes that those programs will start to branch out into the county to include more people, and she has a great idea to accomplish this. Rush County’s scenery is beautiful at all times of the year with our plentiful fields of crops and forests. Michaela would love to see hiking trails out in the county that would show off some of Rush County’s beauty. What do you think, readers? RCCF is excited that Rush County citizens like Michaela are offering up ideas, and we would love to hear from you, too! Email us any time at info@rushcountyfoundation.org!

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