YIP Spotlight: Leah Kemple

Leah Kemple is studying biology in her freshman year at Purdue University. She also plays clarinet in the famous Purdue All American Marching Band and wants to be in Zoo Club and volunteer at animal shelters around Purdue. Before moving off to school, Leah could often be seen downtown working at the Mocha Moose coffee shop. She was also involved in Youth in Philanthropy (YIP) the past two years. YIP taught Leah what philanthropy is and showed her that anyone can be philanthropic. Sometimes, youth like Leah think they cannot be philanthropic because they aren’t ahead enough financially to donate money. However, as Leah learned, donating time is just as important as donating money. In fact, sometimes it is more important, and it is definitely something that youth can do! Leah’s philanthropic views have continued to grow with her recent success as a RCCF scholarship recipient. This has shown Leah that the community really does care about the education of its youth and is more than willing to help them be successful after high school graduation. RCCF is happy to support Leah, and we are excited to see how she continues to grow.

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