YIP Spotlight: Lauryn Payne

Recent Hanover College graduate Lauryn Payne is currently working at Rushville Elementary School West as a special education aide. She was recently involved with M.o.R.E. for Kids, and she helped the RCCF raise money via the 5 in  50 bike ride. While she was at Hanover, Lauryn gave back to her community by promoting environmental awareness through the Environmental Stewardship Committee. Lauryn’s commitment to giving back to her community stems from her parents’ example and her time in Youth in Philanthropy (YIP). YIP taught Lauryn to be a leader in philanthropy and gave her the means and understanding of how to run a meeting and handle herself in the real world. These skills will be important to her when she begins work with the FDIC next spring . Lauryn was also a RCCF scholarship recipient, and is thankful for the families who contributed in memory of their loved ones. The scholarships she received showed her that giving back is possible even in times of grief. While Lauryn is inspired by people’s legacies after they pass on, she hopes people in the community now will become involved in the community by cleaning up parks, visiting new parks being added, and enjoy all of the new projects the mayor’s office is consistently bringing to town. RCCF agrees with Lauryn, and we are so excited to have her help and involvement for the next several months!

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