YIP Spotlight: Joe Heady

Dad by day and surgery charge nurse by night, Joe Heady recently reminisced about his time in Youth in Philanthropy (YIP). This organization made Joe see the needs of his community and gave him the chance to get involved and do something about those needs. His work with YIP allowed him to see things from different perspectives and gain deeper understandings of them. Joe’s favorite YIP event was when the team painted tables in the Rushville parks. This fun event allowed him to connect with fellow YIP members and made the parks, and therefore community, look great! Joe served as YIP’s president for two years, and this leadership role helped him get ready for college at Indiana University School of Nursing and the leadership roles he took on while there. RCCF is excited that Joe’s time in YIP had such an impact on him, and we know that he continues to make a difference in countless lives through his career and family life.

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