YIP Spotlight: Grant Colestock

Recent RCHS graduate Grant Colestock is just starting his freshman year studying public safety and psychology at IUPUI. Grant would like to become involved on IUPUI’s campus by doing the Recycle Ride and volunteering at Pa’s Closet. Pa’s Closet collects professional and business casual clothes for people to buy or borrow for important events, such as interviews. Grant hopes to help make those outfits complete for people by starting a Pa’s Shoes. Looking at his service goals, it is almost unbelievable that he used to be completely unfamiliar with the word “philanthropy.” Thankfully, he learned all about philanthropy through studying the word in etymology class and participating in Youth in Philanthropy (YIP). YIP made Grant see the rough patches that people in any community can go through, and he was honored to help Rush County citizens during his time with the organization. Grant also felt honored to be chosen as a RCCF scholarship recipient and would like to thank Rush County for believing in him and supporting him. RCCF wishes Grant good luck in all of his service and academic goals!

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