YIP Spotlight: Denise Ripberger

Former Youth in Philanthropy (YIP) member Denise Ripberger is making our county and special events beautiful through her work at Vogel’s Florist & Landscaping. When she isn’t working, Denise is still beautifying our county by cultivating the next generation of philanthropists as an adult leader for YIP. The current YIP team is incredibly lucky to have Denise as a leader because she was on the second-ever YIP board when she was in high school. Denise and her team helped bring Changing Footprints to Rush County, and that organization has inspired countless YIP members through many years of volunteering there.


When Denise was in YIP, she did not quite realize the true impact of the club on the community or on herself. However, upon reflection she realized that this organization made her think about how to give back, actively look for ways to help others, and be aware of what other people are doing. Denise has been able to use these skills in other organizations that she donates her time to, such as Rush County 4-H, Goodwill, Changing Footprints, and her church.


Denise was also a RCCF scholarship recipient, and her scholarship encouraged her to be involved on campus and do well in her classes. After college, Denise returned to Rush County because she loves our community and wants to raise her family here. Rush County will always be Denise’s home, and she hopes the county will benefit from future opportunities like downtown Rushville has. RCCF is so thankful to have Denise guiding our youth, and we absolutely love getting to work with her again!

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