YIP Spotlight: Blake Connolly

Former Youth in Philanthropy (YIP) member Blake Connolly uses the grant-giving knowledge he learned in YIP in his every day career. Blake currently works at his alma mater Purdue University in the College of Health and Human Sciences. Through Purdue Extension, he is working on the Nutrition Education Program which works with extension offices across the state to educate SNAP recipients on understanding what SNAP is and how to correctly use it. This involves a lot of grant writing, but Blake recognizes the difference he is making in people’s lives by making sure they understand proper nutrition. That makes every sentence worth it.

Blake also donates to United Way and gives back to the Purdue community as a Faculty Fellow. This means he mentors a dormitory floor of 60 undergrads in his spare time. Blake and the students have weekly dinners, and he encourages them to join programs to acclimate to campus life and build connections. Blake’s drive to help people comes from recognizing how many opportunities were available to him and how many people donated their time or money to help him.

As an RCCF scholarship recipient, Blake has come to know how much it means when someone donates money to help someone else. He points out how expensive college is today and how many students would not be able to attend it without organizations such as RCCF and its donors. Blake’s scholarships have encouraged him to work hard and make those who supported him proud. Well Blake, RCCF is overjoyed to say that we are so proud of you and your efforts to better the lives of those around you!

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