The Rushville Public Library and the Rush County Community Foundation

As a part of the continued series reviewing the Rush County Community Foundation’s “designated endowment” funds, we’ll be taking a weekly look at the Rush County nonprofit organizations that have funds that support their mission and work held at RCCF.  The Rushville Public Library is this week’s organization highlighted.

The Rushville Public Library is a tremendous asset to our community.  A free resource for city dwellers and an affordable option for those residing in the county, the Rushville Public Library provides more than books for those within our community:  the Library offers wonderful materials, programs, and resources for residents of all ages.

The Rushville Public Library has become an essential piece of our community since founded in 1910.  In the past 105 years, the Library has collected more than 30,000 books, over 1,000 videos and DVDs, 1,000 spoken-word and music CDs, and collections of puppets and statues.  Historical references extending beyond our community exist within the extensive genealogy section and treasured artifacts from the Wendell Willkie campaign are housed within the Library.  In addition to these amazing assets, the Rushville Public Library provides services such as homebound delivery, access to a copier, laminator, fax machine, computers, and meeting rooms.  Beyond the aforementioned tangibles, the Library’s Storytime program, Summer Reading program, and new Color to Relax for Adults program are among the offered programs that make the Rushville Public Library even more special to all ages of our community.

It’s difficult to imagine our community without the Rushville Public Library.  The resources and services offered are truly vital to both the preservation and future of Rush County.   Fortunately, local residents have recognized the value of our library and have elected to support the library’s good work forever by establishing funds at the Rush County Community Foundation.  The Rushville Public Library has two permanent, designated endowment funds at the Rush County Community Foundation that benefit the organization annually:  the Rushville Public Library Fund was established by the Pattison-Schrichte Family in 2003 to provide support to enhance the library’s ongoing needs.  Just last year, the Robert and Sandra Duddy Fund was created from the Duddy’s estate to forever benefit the Rushville Public Library.  In addition to these two permanent endowment funds, the Library also has a temporary, “pass-through” fund at RCCF to assist with emerging, more urgent financial needs.  These funds have enabled the special programs and additions to the library, including the recent addition of e-books.

It’s likely you or a family member have been directly impacted by the Rushville Public Library.  We encourage you to reciprocate the benefit received by considering a donation to one of the funds that support the Rushville Public Library each year.  For more information, visit our website, our office at 117 N Main St., Rushville, or call (765) 938-1177.

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