The Rush County Senior Citizens Center and the Rush County Community Foundation

As a part of the ongoing series reviewing the Rush County Community Foundation’s “designated endowment” funds, we’ll be taking a weekly look at the Rush County nonprofit organizations that have funds that support their mission and work held at RCCF.  This week’s installment focuses on the Rush County Senior Citizens Center.


The Rush County Senior Citizens Center is the go-to place for adults over 55 in our community.  The Senior Citizens Center is open 3.5 days each week and offers a variety of special activities and programs to benefit seniors.  Among special activities, art classes, bridge club, pool and card games are offered regularly, providing a fun, social environment for all to enjoy.  The Area 9 Nutrition Program serves lunch in-house and 5 days a week delivers to housebound citizens.  “Ride Rush” Public Transportation is available to any citizen of Rush County for a reasonable fare.


Beyond serving as an outlet for activity, the Senior Center is a wonderful resource that benefits an otherwise underserved population within our Rush County community.  The Rush County Health Department visits monthly to provide Senior Screenings and special programs are held to provide seniors with pertinent information.  Numerous calls for information are received daily, in which Senior Center staff and volunteers direct callers to the people and places to best assist needs.   12,000 newsletters are sent monthly and an incredible 100,000 units of services are conducted each year.


The Rush County Senior Citizens Center serves an average of 100-125 seniors each day.  On average, 20-25 seniors visit the club on open days and stay the entire day, with an average age of members in the 80-85 year range.  Of the many served, several of the most treasured members of the Rush County Senior Center have neared or exceeded 100 years of age.  Families of these individuals agree that the Senior Center’s activities and social interaction have kept their loved ones young.  Without the Rush County Senior Citizens Center, seniors in our community would lack such a resource and outlet.


The Rush County Community Foundation is proud to provide annual support to the Rush County Senior Citizen’s Center via two designated endowment funds:  the Rush County Senior Citizens Center, Inc. Fund and the Gilbert E. and Phyllis C. Joyce Fund.  Both funds were established to disburse annually, forever, to assist with the charitable needs of the Rush County Senior Citizens Center.  These funds accept and invest donations, giving donors an opportunity to support such an important organization to Rush County.

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