The Gift of Giving

The adage “It’s better to give than to receive” seems to be heard most frequently around this time of the year.  Amidst the hustle and bustle of the holidays, it’s easy to forget how rewarding simple gestures of kindness and giving can be.  As you consider the power of giving and receiving, wouldn’t you like to have both?  A gift to the Rush County Community Foundation provides that exact opportunity.  Your gift enables us to give grants, and every resident (and often, passerby) of our community receives!


The Rush County Community Foundation is in the business of giving and receiving.  Each day, we’re blessed with gifts that make our gifts possible.  Donations we receive are permanently invested, making giving back to the community a possibility – forever.  Donations may come in a variety of forms:  cash, grain, stock, termed life insurance, real estate, charitable gift annuities, trusts, and bequests.  When permanently invested in endowment funds, the capacity for these donations to give back extends beyond a lifetime.  The Foundation gives to our community via grants, scholarships, and fund payouts enabled by the endowment funds and donations received.


When you look around Rush County, our gifts are everywhere.  Gifts to improve our community’s parks, public safety, health, recreational amenities, and capacity building have benefited more than 110 local organizations and thousands within our community.  Our grants to improve nonprofit agencies further their ability to make an impact, giving a gift that gives again and again.  In total, the Rush County Community Foundation has given $9,867,271 to Rush County.  That number will only continue to grow; because of the gifts we’ve been given.


Giving is truly better than receiving.  Your gift to the Rush County Community Foundation enables a gift to our community for generations.  Right now, gifts to our community grant funds are matched $1 for $1 – doubling the power of your gift!  If you’re interested in learning more about how you can give a gift that lasts forever or how our gifts have benefited the community, visit us online at, our office at 117 N Main St., Rushville, or give us a call at (765) 938-1177.

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