The “Community” of our Foundation

Special events in Rush County are reminders of the exceptional community we get to call “home”.  The Rush County Fair, concerts at Riverside Park Amphitheater, the weekly Farmers Market, parades, athletic events, and class reunions all bring the word “community” to life.  While the events in themselves are wonderful, it’s the (re)union of friends, neighbors, and long-lost acquaintances that leaves the lingering smile after the event concludes.  Rush County is a special place, with very special people.


The people of Rush County are the reason the Rush County Community Foundation exists.  Three Rush County friends created the Foundation, twelve Rush County residents provided oversight on the initial Board of Directors, and hundreds of passionate community members have since served as a volunteer or on our Board of Directors to ensure that RCCF continues to best serve Rush County.  The Foundation is able to serve Rush County through the generosity of thousands of donors that have given millions of dollars throughout the past 27 years.  While not all of our donors are from Rush County, our donations largely come because a Rush County connection exists.


The wonderful support RCCF receives from donors, volunteers, and our community at-large allows us to further our mission to enrich and enhance the quality of life in Rush County, forever.  Each dollar we receive expands our capacity to give back to charitable needs within and for the people in Rush County through grant and scholarship awards.  The remarkable people in our community make Rush County a great place in a variety of ways.


When you next read a press release or article highlighting RCCF’s grants, consider the friends, neighbors, and acquaintances in our community that make our good work possible.  The next time you attend a “special event” in our community, look around and see if you recognize an aspect that RCCF helped to make possible through the generosity of our donors.


If you’d like to learn more about our funds, grants, and the people that make our impact possible, contact us!  Visit us online at, call our office at (765) 938-1177, or stop by 117 N. Main St., Rushville, IN 46173.

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