The Clock is Ticking on 2015 and Matching Donations

As the end of another year rapidly approaches, it’s likely that you’ve considered how you can maximize your end-of-year charitable giving.  Paying taxes may feel a lot like giving, but seeing hard-earned money benefit a greater cause can be an option – and it might be a better way to “give” before 2015.


As you consider ways to give, we encourage you to think close to home.  The Rush County Community Foundation is your local nonprofit organization that exists to enrich and enhance the quality of life in Rush County, for today and for our future generations.  Our donors have enabled us to protect nearly $13 million in assets to generate grants to our community:  forever.  To date, we’ve given $9.8 million to Rush County, a number that will only grow and further improvement opportunities within our community.


Throughout the past year, our funds that support the community grants program have been consistently promoted.  In August 2014, Lilly Endowment granted us with $250,000 to provide you with a $1 for $1 match for your donation to the community grant funds.  Our staff, Board of Directors, and volunteers have avidly shared stories of how our community grant funds have impacted the community, and we couldn’t be more excited to announce that, as of this week, we’re nearing our goal with $49,730 remaining for matching donations.  If we obtain $49,730 in donations to our community grant funds by March 31, 2016, an additional $25,000 per year will be disbursed to our community!  As the clock ticks, the dollars available for matching dwindle:  don’t miss your opportunity to maximize where your charitable contributions go in 2015!


Imagine the impact that an additional $25,000 annual disbursement would make in Rush County.   As you consider how your dollars will best be utilized, we hope the Rush County Community Foundation is at the top of your list.  If you’d like more information on how to maximize your charitable contributions for 2015, we’re glad to provide information on the variety of ways to donate, how our endowment funds benefit Rush County, and the good we continue to do for Rush County.  Visit us at 117 N Main St., online at, or call (765) 938-1177 if the Foundation can assist you in meeting your charitable giving needs.

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