Rita Yager Memorial Ag Grant Fund – Application Deadline Approaching!

The Rush County Community Foundation is now accepting applications for the first grant from The Rita Yager Memorial Ag Grant Fund. Rita Yager was instrumental in establishing the Agricultural Careers and Education (ACE) organization in Rush County. This field-of-interest fund in memory of Rita Yager provides grants for education, safety, and the improvement of agriculture-related projects in Rush County. Formerly a scholarship fund known as the “Rita Yager Incentive Grant Memorial Fund”, the fund was repurposed last fall in hopes of making a greater impact in Rush County’s agricultural community.


Daughters Carol Yager and Marilyn Yager and former ACE officers Pam Hoeing and Trent Gray worked together to adopt the changed purpose of this fund.  Alisa Winters, RCCF Executive Director, expressed her excitement for the revised purpose, “Although our scholarship funds make a great impact for a student each year, I’m very excited for the opportunities that this grant fund could provide for our entire community.  Though agriculture is one of the leading industries in Rush County, resources available for programs, education, and necessary safety equipment is limited.  The Rita Yager Memorial Ag Grant Fund has the potential to make a great difference for our entire community.”


Non-profit agencies serving Rush County residents are eligible to apply for this annual grant.  Applicants should be introducing a program, tool, or education that will impact those involved with agriculture in Rush County.  The application deadline is Thursday, September 15, 2016.


If you are interested in donating or applying to the Yager Fund, contact us!  Stop in to visit at 117 N. Main St., call (765) 938-1177, email info@rushcountyfoundation.org, or visit us on our website at www.rushcountyfoundation.org

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