RCCF Celebrates 25th Anniversary

On the evening of November 5, 2016, the Rush County Community Foundation hosted A Grand Idea Gala at the Root Building to celebrate the Foundation’s 25th Anniversary.  The 200 current and former employees, members of the Board of Directors, committee members, grant recipients, and donors present enjoyed dinner provided by Lori’s Catering, entertainment from the brass quintet CB5 (members Rick Williams, Lori Dickerson, Les Miller, TR Campbell, and Rick Lesh), and fellowship with those that have been important to the Foundation’s history and success.


Alisa Winters, Foundation Executive Director, and Phillip Morgan, Rush County Community Foundation’s 2016 Board President, began the evening by welcoming those in attendance.  Alisa thanked the volunteers, donors, and nonprofit organizations that have enabled the Rush County Community Foundation’s contributions to Rush County, “Your generosity has enabled $9.5 million worth of impact in Rush County.  These dollars have provided grant funding to further the charitable work of our much-needed nonprofit agencies.  These dollars have provided amenities and resources our entire community can enjoy.  These dollars have provided a more affordable education for our graduates.   And most importantly, these dollars have provided hope and a brighter future for the residents of our community.”


Phillip thanked the committee members, Board members, staff, Youth in Philanthropy members, and sponsors that made the evening’s celebration possible.  Sponsors for the event included:

Gold Sponsor:

  • Capital Cities, LLC

Silver Sponsors:

  • Distinctive Design/Kelly Issacs
  • J Andrew Taff
  • Emerson Climate Technologies
  • Intat Precision, Inc.
  • Tony and Kerri Laird
  • Shelle Design, Inc.
  • Lori’s Catering
  • Trane
  • Winters CPA Group

Friends of the Foundation:

  • Kevin and Pam Hoeing Family
  • N&S Cleaning Service, Inc

Patron Sponsors:

  • Barada Law Offices, LLC
  • Muncie Music Center

Phillip also recognized donors that have contributed at a level that has qualified them to be pictured on the Donor Wall or Wall of Honor in the Foundation office.  He gave special recognition to two couples that are our most recent additions:  Bill and Debbie Herdrich and Ken and Charlotte Brashaber.


The highlight of the evening was the presentation of the Grand Idea Grant, a $25,000 grant that would make a profound impact on our community.  President-elect Bob Bridges awarded the Rush County Community Assistance the Grand Idea Grant, stating, “Tonight’s recipient organization requested funds that could improve the overall health of the families that utilize their services.  This $25,000 grant will provide for the purchase of much needed coolers, refrigerators, and the electric infrastructure to support them. This comprehensive equipment will allow the addition of year-round nutritious fruits and vegetables to their food selection.  Increasing healthy food consumption will help combat the prevalent health factors of obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure.  33% of all clients served are children, ages zero to 17. The Foundation believes that making healthy and nourishing foods accessible to this segment of our population could alter the future of their families, and ultimately, could make a dramatic difference in the future health of our community.”


In addition to the Grand Idea Grant presentation, RCCF proudly awarded its one-millionth dollar in unrestricted grant funding via the Community Grants program that evening.

  • Rushville Public Library: A grant of $2,500 will provide a sponsorship to assist publishing 500 copies of a Pictorial History Book of Rushville.   Sales from this book will benefit the Rushville Public Library’s new Discovery Park.
  • Rush County Youth Group Workcamp: We’re pleased to present the Rush County Youth Group Work camp with a grant of $10,000 to assist the purchase of lumber, pain, building materials, and other necessary supplies to repair owner-occupied homes of needy and elderly people in Rush County.
  • Mahoning Valley Christian Service Camp: A grant of $1,874 will enable the purchase of an AED Device for the camp.  In 2016, the Camp served more than 600 youth:  the AED is a vital resource for the Camp’s facilities that we’re happy to support.
  • Rush County Heritage: The Rush County Heritage is diligently working with Indiana Landmarks to restore Mt. Pleasant Beech Church.  Built in 1865, this church is a treasured piece of Rush County and Indiana’s history.  We’re pleased to award Rush County Heritage $3,600 for the restoration of Mt. Pleasant Beech Church.
  • City of Rushville: The City of Rushville’s progressive redevelopment and revitalization of downtown will benefit our community for years to come.  One of the biggest projects is the redevelopment of the City Center, which will house city offices, an Ivy Tech, and a movie theater.  We’re thrilled to see the City’s continued momentum and ongoing improvements, and we hope a grant of $10,000 will help the City with the façade improvements and a marquee for the new building.
  • Rush AIC Recovery Housing, Inc.: The Rush County Addictions Intervention Court was created in January 2016 by Judge Brian Hill to provide an alternative to incarceration for drug addicted criminals.  As a part of this intense program, selected participants will reside in a home donated by the City where they will be monitored and receive counseling and outpatient drug treatment.  With over 500 drug and alcohol cases every year in Rush County, the Foundation sees this new program as a unique opportunity to assist a great need in our community.  We’d like to award the Recovery House an $8,000 grant as an initial contribution for remodeling.


Thank you, Rush County, for making 25 years of giving and difference possible.  We’re proud to serve this wonderful community and look forward to celebrating many more milestones.

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