RCCF Announces 2018 Scholarship Recipients!

On Monday, May 14, 2018 the Rush County Community Foundation [RCCF] hosted their annual Scholarship Celebration and distributed 113 scholarship awards to 66 students. These scholarships were awarded from 70 RCCF scholarship funds and from the Lilly Endowment which funds the Rush County Lilly Scholar award. An enthusiastic group of 200 fund donors, scholarship recipients, board members, and friends of the foundation gathered at the Rushville Consolidated High School cafeteria for the celebration to award over $194,000 to our Rush County students.
Dr. Suellen Reed, RCCF Board President, gave a warm and energetic welcome to the group, highlighting the important role of RCCF volunteers, and thanked all those who work with Rush County youth in some way. After the presentation of scholarships, RCCF Program Coordinator Kendra Steible reported on the 2018 Scholarship season. RCCF scholarships are an increasingly competitive honor. With nearly 140 applicants, the nominating committees faithfully followed the donor intent of each fund to nominate applicants for impactful scholarships. Jill Yager, Rush County’s 2014 Lilly Scholar, also spoke; she thanked the community for all the support she continues to receive and shared about her experiences at Butler University. She encouraged the students in the crowd to get involved and give back wherever they end up in the future.
In closing remarks, Steible expressed deep appreciation to the scholarship fund founders and other donors, to the RCCF committee members, Board of Directors, and staff. Addressing the awardees she said: “You have been selected from a competitive pool of your peers because, most likely, your qualifications mirrored those of the scholarship’s namesake…  As a recipient of a RCCF scholarship, you are carrying on a legacy.  Please take time to consider this important honor. Now and in the future, I encourage you to consider the people, the organizations, and the community that has helped shape you.” It was an evening filled with celebration and gratitude.
Meeting the philanthropic needs of Rush County since 1991, The Rush County Community Foundation, Inc. is a nonprofit public charity established to serve donors, award grants and scholarships, and provide leadership to enrich and enhance the quality of life in Rush County, Indiana, not only today, but for our future generations. For more information please visit or contact the Foundation office at 117 N. Main St., Rushville, IN 46173.
The 2018 scholarships awarded are as follows:
Scholarship Fund Awardee(s)
Hubert and Grace Alexander Scholarship Fund Fayella Horn
John Sam Anderson Scholarship Fund Kirah Banks
William F. and Lelande Anise Hunt Beher Memorial Scholarship Fund Heidi Schultz
Marcia and Les Blair Community Scholarship Fund Caitlin Smith
BPW Working Woman’s Scholarship Fund, in memory of Marjorie Emsweller Caitlin Smith
Ken Brashaber FFA Scholarship Fund Adam Leising

Jared Smith
Ken Brashaber Purdue FarmHouse Scholarship Fund Austin Hubbell

Devin Lux
Scott Brooks Memorial Scholarship Fund Monica Dougherty
Grant Brower Memorial Scholarship Fund Gabriella Brinson
Jack and Cinda Brown Basketball Mental Attitude Scholarship Fund Carolanna Jessup
Richard and Loretta Busald Family Nursing Scholarship Fund Chase Marsden
Hubert E. and Anna Louise Chance Memorial Scholarship Fund Riley Sheehan
Harold Clifton and Frances Mitchell Clifton Memorial Scholarship Fund Adam Neuman
Christopher Lee Davis Scholarship Fund Vanessa Field
Mental Health Association Bobby Dean Scholarship Fund Brooke Taylor
East Central Opportunities Scholarship Fund Mackenzie Lewis

Kathy Linville
Crystal Morgan
Morris F. and Jane Marshall Fisher Fund Fayella Horn
Danny E. and Barbara J. Gettinger and Family Scholarship Fund Brandi Adkins
David L. Green, M.D. Creativity Award Isaac Chastain

Bridget Fry
Elizabeth “Betty” Ann Green and Barbara Blacklidge Green Memorial Scholarship Fund Bryce Meyer
Dr. Frank H. Green and Jean C. Green Memorial Fund Anthony Durand
Norma R. Harcourt School of Nursing Memorial Scholarship Fund Kassandra Herbert
Carol Niehoff Hardwick Memorial Scholarship Fund Madison Owen
Lora Brook Hatfield Memorial Scholarship Fund Bryce Meyer

Bayleigh Webb
Kyle Henderson Memorial Scholarship Fund Adam Neuman

Brayton Schultz
Jared Smith
Frank L. and Frances L. Hilburt Scholarship Fund Brandi Adkins

Meghan Barnes
Emma Beavers
Shelbie Brown
Chandler Buchanan
Victoria Colestock
Kayla Fogg
Samantha Fowler
Marisa Hall
Kassandra Herbert
Trenten Herbert
Fayella Horn
Austin Hubbell
Sarah Innis
Megyn Kirchoff
Amy Neuman
Nathan Niehoff
Madison Owen
Kallie Peterman
Haley Riddell
Rebecca Riggs
Brayton Schultz
Heidi Schultz
Brandi Spaeth
Ruth and Bill Houk Scholarship Fund Riley Sheehan
Jeff Hufford Memorial Scholarship Fund Jake Smith
Courtney Anne Huskins Memorial Scholarship Fund Meghan Barnes

Isaac Chastain
Hannah McGee
Victoria Whittaker
Jinks Family Scholarship Fund Karli Hall

Makayla Herbert
Jordan Kennedy
Rush County Junior Leader 4-H Scholarship Fund Adam Leising
Michael J. Keith Memorial Scholarship Fund Landis Gettinger

Jacob Hammons
George E. King, D.V.M. Veterinary Scholarship Fund Fayella Horn

Rebecca Riggs
Kiwanis Scholarship Fund Chloe Bretzlaff
Madeline Gullion Knight Memorial Scholarship Fund Laura Smith
Lilly Endowment Community Scholarship Nominee Fund Gabriella Brinson
Lilly Endowment Community Scholarship Program Barbara Hershberger
Grayson J. Mahin Scholarship Fund Riley Sheehan
David and Barbara Malson Indiana University Scholarship Fund Summer Bowling

Patrick Duffy Jr.
Thomas F. Marshall Scholarship Fund Brooke Taylor
Margaret E., M. Ralph and William R. Matney Scholarship Fund Gabriella Brinson

Victoria Whittaker
Mays Elementary 1929-2015 Scholarship Fund Chloe Bretzlaff
Jessy L. McClure Memorial Scholarship Fund Kirah Banks
Joan L. McLaughlin Memorial Scholarship Fund Kelly Brown

Adam Neuman
Robert Meyer and Family 4-H Scholarship Fund Rebecca Riggs
Phillip E. Mitchell Scholarship Fund Payton Brower
Frances Duncan Murphy Scholarship Fund Summer Bowling
Dick Neeb Memorial Scholarship Fund Jacob Hammons

Trenten Herbert
Stephen M. Petry Memorial Scholarship Fund Payton Brower
Bob and Avie Pike Family Memorial R.N. Scholarship Fund Marisa Hall
RCCF Purdue Scholarship funded by the Rush County Friends of Purdue Scholarship Fund, Mary Katherine Waits, Principal Donor and the Marian G. White Purdue Scholarship Fund Jared Smith
R.N. Club Scholarship Fund Parrish Gant

Chase Marsden
Rex A. & Lucille G. Readle Scholarship Fund Anthony Durand
Duward G. Reddick Kiwanis Scholarship Fund Adam Leising
Charlotte Frame Sleeth Scholarship Fund Alisha Markley
Holli Spaeth Memorial Scholarship Fund Chloe Bretzlaff

Isaac Chastain
Adam Leising
Adam Neuman
Riley Sheehan
Ashley Spurlin Memorial Scholarship Fund Preston Bowling

Bryce Meyer
Maurice W. “Porky” Wainwright Scholarship Fund Jacob Hammons
Wilma B. Wainwright Memorial Scholarship Fund Brandi Spaeth
Jean H. Walker and Ivan G. Alexander Fund Mitchell Cowan
Ward, Richardson, and Corn Families Scholarship Fund Jacob Hammons
Alice R. Wiley Scholarship Fund Riley Sheehan
The Gordon D. and Mary S. Wilson Scholarship Fund Rebecca Riggs
John and Susan Wilson Unsung Hero Award Katilyn Abrams
Robert L. Winters Scholarship Fund Addison True
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