RCCF Amidst Round 3 in the BFG Tournament

For the second Friday this month, friends of the Rush County Community Foundation closely monitored their phones and computer screens as 8:00PM neared.  When the final buzzer rang, RCCF fans were delighted to officially celebrate the week’s fundraising victory of 560-0 in the Brackets for Good tournament.


Now fully into the third round, the “Supported 16” of the tournament, RCCF is amidst a challenging week competing against Gleaners Food Bank of Indiana.  Until 8PM on March 23rd, you can help the RCCF shoot for another victory round making a contribution online!  One point = one dollar, and every dollar counts!


If the Foundation raises enough funds this week to move on in the tournament, they will compete against another outstanding Indiana nonprofit organization in the “Engaged 8” round.  As we move closer to the championship, we are closing in on the opportunity to win $10,000 for Rush County!


Contributions for the challenge should be made online via https://indiana.bfg.org/cart/checkout/rush-county-community-foundationg.org or the Foundation’s website.  All proceeds benefit the Rush County Community Foundation’s community grant funds, and while matching funds remain, will be matched $1 for $1.  The community grant funds have provided over $1 million to worthy projects in the community thus far, and with the additional support and our “forever” strategy, will only continue to make an impact in Rush County in the future.


Contact the RCCF office for more information on the Brackets for Good challenge, the community grant funds and the grants awarded, or if you’d like to make a donation!  Visitors are welcome to come in to submit their online donation:  stop by the office at 117 N. Main St., or call (765) 938-1177.  If donors prefer to not contribute online, the staff at the RCCF office are happy to help you maximize your dollars with the match.

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