Posey Township VFD supported by the Rush County Community Foundation

As a part of the new series reviewing the Rush County Community Foundation’s “designated endowment” funds, we’ll be taking a weekly look at the Rush County nonprofit organizations that have funds that support their mission and work held at RCCF.  This week’s installment focuses on the Posey Township Volunteer Fire Department.


Volunteer Fire Departments are an essential resource to Rush County citizens.  Serving the western portion of Rush County, the Posey Township Volunteer Fire Department protects and serves hundreds of residents (primarily) in the Arlington-area, while also responding to the needs of those traveling on West US 52.  Like all of our Rush County Volunteer Fire Departments, a major source of Posey Township Volunteer Fire Department’s funding comes from local contributions and fundraisers.


Without the support of the community it would be difficult for Posey Township Volunteer Fire Department to continue to exist and serve.  Dedicated volunteers risk their lives to be a first responder, considering the needs and safety of their neighbors as important as their own.  These volunteers also give a great deal of their time raising funds in order to maintain the department, trucks, hoses, and all necessary equipment to be compliant with regulations.  Fortunately, Posey Township Volunteer Fire Department doesn’t have to work quite as hard to raise funds thanks to the Nelson Farms Endowment Fund at RCCF.


The Nelson Farms Endowment Fund is a permanently endowed fund that disburses investment earnings annually to the Posey Township Volunteer Fire Department (as well as several other Rush County not-for-profit agencies).  The Fund will disburse forever, allowing the Posey Township VFD to focus less on fundraising and more on saving lives and protecting the community.  Funds from the Nelson Farms Endowment Fund have assisted the purchase of necessary equipment for the department, including personal flashlights, medical supplies, pike poles, axes, fire gloves, and various other tools.  In addition to the resources made possible by the Nelson Fund, the Posey Township VFD has received community grants from the Foundation totaling $19,000 for other necessary equipment.


If you are interested in supporting the Posey Township VFD via the Nelson Farms Endowment Fund at the Rush County Community Foundation, contact us!  Donations can be made in our office, located at 117 N. Main St., Rushville, or online at www.rushcountyfoundation.org.  We’re happy to help you make a difference for our community and to tell you more about the various funds that allow for such an impact to be made possible.


Furthermore, we encourage you to support the Posey Township Volunteer Fire Department by attending their annual pork chop dinner on Saturday, August 6th from 4-7p.m. at the fire department.

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