March Matchness Impact

The month of March has been eventful at the Rush County Community Foundation!  Between our March Matchness fundraising campaign and our participation in Brackets for Good, the Foundation has raised $21,000 for our unrestricted endowment funds!!  This remarkable amount exceeds our best month of March fundraising by $16,520!


The Foundation’s fundraising success is attributed to the support we received from our wonderful community and donors.  This month we have inundated local media outlets, local mailboxes, and social media and have received nothing but positive remarks and support along the way.  As we conclude the month of March, we are simply humbled by the outpouring of love from donors near and far.


This month, we received a total of 170 donations from 160 donors to unrestricted endowment funds to support our community grant funds.   Contributions ranged in size from $5 to $5,000.  The average gift amount was $124.46.


The contributions received will forever assist our community’s endeavors.  The unrestricted endowment funds support RCCF’s community grants program, which provides competitive funding to assist local nonprofit organizations’ programs, projects, and needs.  Net assets of $2 million among the 12 existing unrestricted endowment funds have supplied more than $1 million in community grants to-date!  With thanks to the recent funds raised, we anticipate that an additional $2,000 will be made available to our community via grants in the 2019 fiscal year.  Because of the Foundation’s investment strategy, the increased asset size will exponentially increase the amount of funding available in the future.  These dollars are permanently invested to FOREVER serve our community.


Thank you to all of our wonderful contributors who assisted the Foundation’s fundraising efforts throughout the month.  Whether you contributed financially or simply shared information on social media, your support made a great impact.


As the final hours of the month and our 4th round in the Brackets for Good come to a close, we encourage you to consider a gift!  A gift of any size will be of great value to making a lasting difference in our community and helping us move forward to the “Philanthropic 4” round of the Brackets for Good tournament.

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