Lilly Scholar Blossoms into a Philanthropist: Kelly Morgan

Since graduating from Franklin College in 2003, Kelly Morgan has worked at Jane Smiley, CPA in Rushville. While she attended Franklin College, Kelly was a Lilly Scholar. Being blessed with the Lilly Endowment Community Scholarship was a huge help for Kelly and her family. Kelly has tried to keep her good fortune in getting this scholarship in the back of her mind, and it has made her want to help others who have not had as good of fortune. The Lilly Scholarship made opportunities, experiences, and knowledge available to Kelly that she would not have otherwise been able to access. She realizes this and it fuels her desire to help people have similar experiences. 


Kelly’s current philanthropic efforts include being on the 4-H Council and participating in volunteer days in the community. Because of her two children, she volunteers at Milroy Elementary School in many aspects, including being the PTO president for the past two years. Kelly hopes that her involvement in the school and community will instill the value and importance of doing charitable things into her children. She also donates to a scholarship that she helped endow at Franklin College. This scholarship honors retired FC professor Jim Williams, who was in the accounting department and one of Kelly’s professors. RCCF is proud of the philanthropic efforts Kelly makes in her life, and we love to see how this Lilly Scholar has blossomed!

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