Lilly Scholar Blossoms into a Philanthropist: Josh Hoeing

When he isn’t working at Bastian Automation Engineering, Josh Hoeing is enjoying every moment with his new baby girl. Being a new dad is so exciting, and Josh is already setting an amazing example of philanthropy for his daughter. Josh gives back to his church, St. Simon’s, and former baseball team at his alma mater, Rose Hulman. His work also allows him to participate in volunteer days doing amazing things such as building a new park, cleaning up a baseball field, and doing clean up and facilities work at a high school. Josh’s value for philanthropy comes from his parents who encouraged him to always give back.

His views of philanthropy were also shaped by his time in Youth in Philanthropy (YIP). Josh was part of  one of the first YIP groups, and he is grateful for getting to help change a lot of lives. YIP allowed him to see the good that donating time and money to charitable organizations can do. One of his favorite memories was being on the team that started the YIP tradition of making Christmas stockings for the Rushville Food Pantry. This tradition is memorable for all YIP members and alumni, and our community really benefits from this holiday spirit. 

When he was attending Rose Hulman University, Josh’s idea of philanthropy continued to grow as he was blessed with the Lilly Endowment Community Scholarship. Josh says this scholarship gave him opportunities on campus that would have been impossible to do otherwise. For example, because of the high tuition rate of Rose Hulman, Josh would have had to work a lot in college to keep college debt down, which would have made playing on their baseball team impossible. The opportunity to be on this team led Josh to lifelong friends and drove him to be more involved in the university’s community. RCCF is proud of Josh’s continuous growth in philanthropy, and we wish him all the luck in the world as he navigates dirty diapers, teething, and everything else that being a dad entails!

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