Introducing our 2019 Board of Directors: Marilyn Yager

With a career at Procter & Gamble, Marilyn Yager brings a keen business acumen to the board.  In her spare time, she digs into gardening, genealogy, and quilting while giving back to her community through various means, including the Rush County Community Foundation board where she currently serves as treasurer. Read more about Marilyn below:


  1. Did you grow up in Rush County? Where did you go to school?

Yes. I was privileged to attend Richland Township School for 3 years before it closed in 1965. I went to New Salem for grades 4-8 and graduated from RCHS in 1974. I grew up on a farm in Richland Township.

  1. What are your hobbies and interests?

Gardening (vegetables and flowers), genealogy , sewing, knitting, and hundreds of other projects I find on Pinterest.

  1. Do you work with any other community organizations?

I am a member and treasurer of Rush County Genealogical Society and a member of Master Gardeners.

  1. How did you become involved with RCCF?

First involved through a fund set up after my mother (Rita Yager) passed. It was initially set up as a scholarship it now is a grant fund for agriculture-related opportunities. I joined the board in 2018.

  1. What is something that people may not know about the Foundation that you wished they did?

There are numerous opportunities to serve on RCCF committees. I serve on the grants committee and it has allowed me to see the broad scope of needs that RCCF serves in Rush County.

  1. Do you believe that the Foundation plays an important role in the community? How so?

RCCF is a proven vehicle for “responsible giving.” When one donates to the Foundation you know that your funds will be invested using the highest of fiduciary standards. Those receiving funds are evaluated against established standards and monies are distributed to the best candidates as determined by panels of local citizens. This is the perfect way to donate money locally for the benefit of Rush County.


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