Introducing our 2019 Board of Directors: Greg Harcourt

A life-long Rush County resident, Greg Harcourt brings many years of business experience to the board. His easygoing, energetic nature leads him to serving various community organizations, where he serves willingly and in a thoughtful manner.  After working and raising his two children in Rush County, his understanding of the community and his deep, personal, and passionate involvement make him a natural fit to serve on the Rush County Community Foundation board. Read more about Greg below:

  1. Did you grow up in Rush County? Where did you go to school?

I was born in Rushville and grew up in Milroy. I graduated from RCHS and Franklin College.

  1. What are your hobbies and interests? 

I enjoy spending time with family and friends, sports (especially Indiana University Basketball!), playing golf, working out at Anytime Fitness, and being outdoors.

  1. Do you work with any other community organizations?

I also volunteer at the Rush County Community Assistance Food Pantry.

  1. What do you like most about your community?

It is a great community to raise a family. I enjoy our quality of life in Rush County; we have a great group of family and friends that we enjoy spending time with. I love Rush County and it is only a short drive to Indianapolis too.

  1. How did you become involved with RCCF?

I had always admired the great things that RCCF did to help and improve Rush County, and Bob Bridges, Keith Perin, and Suellen Reed contacted me to talk about becoming a RCCF board member.

My niece Ashley Spurlin also has a scholarship in her memory, as do my aunt Norma Harcourt and classmate Carol Hardwick. My wife, Cindy, has been a RCCF volunteer as well.

  1. What is something that people may not know about the Foundation that you wished they did?

The Foundation is a fantastic opportunity to make a positive impact in Rush County, whether through a donation, volunteering, or participating in the many activities to improve our community. RCCF is THE leader of our community.

  1. Do you believe that the Foundation plays an important role in the community? How so?

Yes. The Foundation provides leadership in the community that serves to enhance and enrich the quality of life in Rush County.


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