Grantee Update: Rushville Elementary School West

2021 Alex Workman Memorial Fund and Rush County Education Fund Grant Recipient: $2,604.80

Article published in the 4/27/2022 edition of The Rushville Recorder.

We have all been there. Our boss gives us a project that needs to be done by tomorrow. Our children are upset and arguing with us because we expect them to clean their room. We forgot that dinner was on the stove and went to switch out laundry, dinner was burnt. The stress and expectations keep piling up to the point that if we don’t take a break, we might explode!


As adults, we have developed strategies that help us control our stress levels. We might take a walk, call a friend, take a hot shower, or work on a hobby. These skills were learned throughout our childhood and young adult life. We adjust what works for us on a regular basis.


Students have not developed these strategies and need to be taught how to manage their emotions and stress levels. Just like adults, they have stressful days, too. Rushville Elementary School West staff began a book study this fall to learn ways to help students be successful. The book study spurned [sic] an idea that would benefit our students. Mrs. Richards wrote and received a grant from the Rush County Community Foundation. Through the Alex Workman Memorial Grant and the Rush County Education Fund, she was able to create “Success Boxes” for our students as well as the “Calming Corner.”


Mrs. Richards introduced a success box to Brent M. and allowing him the opportunity to explore the items inside the Success Box. Inside, he will find fidgets to help him stay focused in the classroom. These are typically used with one hand, do not make noises and do not distract any students. Brent also has a few resets in his success box. These are typically items that take two hands to manipulate, usually make noises and distract others. The resets are used in an area of the classroom that will not distract others and have a time limit on how long students use them. The final items in the success box are ways to help regulate emotions. Cards with a variety of emotions will help Brent identify how he feels. When a child needs to regulate, staff members will help the child through the steps to regulate their emotions. Dr. Lori Desautels reminds us that a person can change a negative situation into a positive situation in 90 seconds. That is the amount of time we need to reset our emotions.


Brent and Mrs. Richards work together in the Calming Cornier. These are a couple of the activities a student can do to help regulate and reset their emotions! Also, in the Calming Corner are flexible seating options, a calming noise machine and calming lights. Students may bring their success boxes to use any of their resets or may borrow some of Mrs. Richards resets.


RES West would like to thank Rush County Community Foundation as well as all of the donors to the Alex Workman Memorial Grant Fund and the Rush County Education Fund for supporting the schools and allowing us the opportunity to provide such rich resources to our students.

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