Grantee Update: Posey Township Volunteer Fire Department

2020 Community Grants Recipient: $9,500

Submitted by: Zack Tucker

In 2020 members of the Posey Township VFD realized a need to update the extrication tools that the department owned. After responding to previous vehicle accidents, fire fighters realized that the extrication tools that the department currently had in service would no longer perform the job functions needed. The tools the department had in service had been manufactured and obtained in 1998.


Over the last 22 years, vehicle manufacturing and extrication techniques had changed drastically. Unfortunately, the old set of rescue tools the department had were unable to cut through many new reinforced vehicles, resulting in the department calling for mutual aid from other towns for vehicle accidents.


Members began evaluating new tools from various companies, and settled on purchasing Holmatro rescue tools. The new Holmatro rescue tools would be battery powered, and capable of cutting through any vehicle currently on the roadways. The new tools would unfortunately come at a high price. The department required four new tools from Holmatro USA that would cost $45,000.


Firefighter Zachary Tucker began the process of fundraising for the project. After applying to the Rush County Community Foundation, the department was awarded $9,500. Further funding was obtained through an additional grant, a large private donation, and township funding. In all the department spent just over $45,000 when the project was completed. Without the support of the Rush County Community Foundation and the community, this project would never have been completed.

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