Grantee Update: Milroy Elementary School

The end of the school year always calls for celebration. But Milroy Elementary School (MES) students had a unique reason to do so – their project the Milroy Community Walking Path was officially dedicated!


The students were involved in all aspects of the path, from design – in the shape of the letters “M” and “C” for the Milroy Cardinals – to beautification. Engaging the students in a hands-on way to help them develop skills and knowledge is known as project-based learning. “This path includes not only an area for students to enjoy the outdoors, but also the opportunity for creativity and designing a project they can call their own,” shared Lisa Wilson, MES Principal.


Walking path design by 6th grader, Noah VanFossen


Your gifts to Community Funds provided a $12,620 grant in the fall of 2022 helped bring the students’ plans to life.


With the sun shining and a drone flying overhead, red-shirted kids and adults lined the paved path in anticipation. On cue, everyone waved and cheered. “Kindergarten through 6th grade students worked together to design the path and different components to make it a great place for the students in years to come,” Mrs. Wilson added.


The next phase will contain a shaded area and bench. The path is open to the community. According to the students’ measurements, 6.5 laps equal a mile. Be sure to check out the videos, courtesy of Eric Wagner, for an awesome bird’s eye view!


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