Give Back to RCCF without Giving a Penny


A concern sometimes expressed by donors or prospective donors to the Rush County Community Foundation is that they don’t have “enough” to give to make a difference.  Our response is quick and simple:  no donation amount is too small!  Any donated amount, when permanently invested and pooled with the contributions from others, makes a powerful impact.  The “small” donation grows exponentially with time and investment returns, forever giving back to the Rush County community.


The Rush County Community Foundation is a convenient one-stop way to financially contribute to a number of causes and non-profit organizations.  For those that love their community, there are so many ways to give beyond writing a check:  did you know you can even give back without giving us a single cent?!

The Rush County Community Foundation is fortunate to be a recipient of Kroger’s Community Rewards program.  Kroger’s Community Rewards distributes a percentage of sales each quarter from shoppers who have enrolled their Kroger Plus cards in the program to benefit us.  Signing up is EASY, too!

  1. Go to
  1. Sign In -or- Create an Account
  2. On the Account Summary page (at the very bottom) is a section called Community Rewards, click “Enroll”
  3. Enter the organization number: 84131
  4.  Select RUSH COUNTY COMMUNITY FOUNDATION, and click “Enroll”

Kroger makes it easy to give back to your community – and we want to make it even easier for you to register:  visit us at The Steeldrivers concert at Riverside Park Amphitheater tomorrow evening, August 27th, to register.  Let us help you register or show us that you’ve already signed up and you’ll be entered in our drawing for one of four Kroger gift cards!


If you prefer to shop online, Amazon has a program that benefits us through your shopping, too!  The next time you log on, enter the site with the address  Shopping via Amazon Smile gives 0.5% of your purchases back to RCCF…at absolutely NO extra expense to you!  Signing up to benefit the Foundation takes less than 30 seconds the first time, then no additional time whatsoever thereafter; to sign up:

When you login to

  • Pick your charitable organization: type “Rush County Community Foundation”
  • Select us (from the top of the list)

When shopping on Amazon in the future, just enter using the site and your decision to support the Rush County Community Foundation will be automatic upon your login. We don’t know the households/users, items purchased, etc. and shopping through the Amazon Smile site is no additional cost to you.


Giving back can’t get any easier or cheaper:  whether you like to shop online or in a store, Amazon and Kroger make it easy for you to support RCCF without actually donating a penny!!


The support Rush County Community Foundation is able to provide to our community, by the way of non-profit organizations’ fund disbursements, scholarships, and grants, has enabled $9.5 million worth of difference in Rush County.   We’re proud to celebrate our contributions, particularly this year as we commemorate our 25th anniversary.  If you are interested in learning more about the Rush County Community Foundation please visit our website at, our office at 117 N. Main St., Rushville, or call (765) 938-1177.



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