Get to Know RCCF: Part 2 Who, What, Where and Why

In Part 1 of this series, we covered how a community foundation works by explaining the power of endowed, or permanent, funds. We know you still have questions. Let’s take a look at the who, what, where and why of RCCF.



Simply put, the Rush County Community Foundation exists for everyone in Rush County.


Just like any other nonprofit, RCCF is governed by a board of directors. This group of volunteers is representative of our county. They serve one or two, three-year terms and are responsible for oversight of the organization.


Volunteer committees review grant and scholarship applications. They make funding recommendations to the board, which has final approval over awards.


Paid staff are responsible for the day-to-day operations, meeting with donors, assisting nonprofits and students, reporting impact and participating in community development and leadership initiatives.


Donors make financial gifts to support causes they care about. Their generosity enhances local life by creating money for grants and scholarships.


Local nonprofits with a 501(c)(3) tax exempt status can apply for competitive grants to fund their good work supporting our most vulnerable residents, providing opportunities for education and recreation and helping maintain public safety.


Nonprofits can also start their own endowed fund to generate a source of annual income or benefit from a fund started by a donor specifically for them.


Students choosing to further their education beyond high school can apply for scholarships. There are scholarships for both college-bound high school seniors, currently enrolled college students and non-traditional students alike. The online application automatically determines which of more than 70 scholarships a student qualifies for.


The Rush County community at large benefits from RCCF’s donors’ generosity, much of which they might not even realize. If you’ve ever walked through the covered bridge at Caldwell Acres, enjoyed the shade of the gazebo in downtown Carthage or needed help from any of the county’s fire departments, support from RCCF has helped make these projects and many more possible. Read more about grantees from the last five years.



Donors give to support and improve their community now and forever. Donations are placed in permanent funds. Those funds are invested, and the earnings create money for grants and scholarships. The original donation remains invested to keep the cycle going forever.


We also provide community leadership through many avenues. Our 2020 award from Lilly Endowment Inc. for $5 million jumpstarted the process of developing a community center for Rush County. Another award has provided training to local volunteers to create and implement plans based on community input to create positive change through the Community Based Action Planning (CBAP) process. We are raising and matching dollars to support these activities through the Rush to Action Fund. We have provided input and support to local funding opportunities like Stellar and the recent $20 million READI grant awarded to the Accelerate Rural Indiana partnership between Rush, Decatur and Shelby counties and the City of Batesville.



This is easy. All support stays local. Every dollar donated and granted supports people, programs and places in Rush County.



Everything we do is to enhance and enrich life for everyone in Rush County forever. RCCF helps donors make a lasting impact on their community and leave a legacy. Permanent funds are structured to make sure that donors’ gifts provide support in perpetuity. A gift made in 1991 is still making a difference today!


The support of RCCF’s donors and funds impacts nearly every resident of our county in one way or another through grants to fund emergency services, healthcare, early learning, amenities, education, heritage, culture and the arts. Having unrestricted dollars helps us meet the most pressing needs of our community, such as proactively supporting our youngest residents through the establishment of First5 Rush County’s Early Learning Coalition in 2018. When the pandemic began affecting our community, we were able to switch gears to respond to the crisis with $80,000 in Covid relief to support healthcare, basic needs, education and local businesses.


“Community” is our middle name, literally. But it’s also at the heart of everything we are able to accomplish together. Your gift of any amount will have an impact and be appreciated! Give online, mail your donation or stop by our office: RCCF, 117 N. Main Street, Rushville, IN 46173. You can make a gift today and a difference forever.

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