Foundant Summit 2022 Wrap-Up

In late 2020, we implemented a new software platform that combined our accounting, donor, scholarship and grant components into one integrated, cloud-based system from Foundant Technologies. They are experts in the unique needs of community foundations, and this change has streamlined our work in many ways.


We attended a two-day conference in Memphis in late April that taught us even more ways to make the most of this system. We had an incredible time at the Foundant Summit 2022! From the founders and VPs to the tech gurus and customer service specialists, they are a great team that cares so much about what they do, each other and their clients. We learned ways to help us better serve the community we all love. We were able to meet and thank in real life (!) the folks that have helped us time and again these past 18 months over the phone and Zoom. We made connections with colleagues from all over the country and just up the road, too. We got to experience some of the local culture and a world-famous hotel. After 800 miles on the road and 8,000 songs from the 1980’s, we’re feeling like some seriously lucky ducks! 🦆🦆🦆


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