Forever Supporting the Mission of our Community’s Non-Profit Organizations

Last week’s Foundation Fact Friday culminated a seven month-long series of articles regarding the non-profit organizations the Rush County Community Foundation supports via designated endowment funds.  We hope that you enjoyed the mini-series of facts and learning about the focused funding provided to the broad array of non-profit agencies serving Rush County.


The series was kicked off in February as a complement to our first annual “Fund Payout Celebration”.  The Fund Payout Celebration recognized all of the organizations we support with designated endowment funds:  our gathering recognized the donors of the 76 designated funds that provide annual support to donor-selected organizations and the 66 local nonprofit agencies that are the recipients of these funds.  In total, $91,682.88 was distributed at the evening’s celebration.


As you’ve likely learned throughout the past few months, the designated endowment funds established at the Rush County Community Foundation are vital to the life and longevity of our area’s nonprofit organizations.  Since inception, more than $2 MILLION has been injected into our community through disbursement to these 66 service organizations.  These funds have enabled projects, programs, equipment, supplies, and fundamental services to be provided to citizens of our community.


Rush County’s nonprofit organizations give back so much to our community.  Whether you are being served by or serve as a part of one of these organizations, it’s a likely consensus that you reap the benefits of the amazing mission the agency strives to meet.  Because of the designated endowment funds at the Rush County Community Foundation, these organizations are able to focus on fulfilling their mission rather than fundraising, better serving our community now and forever.


If you are interested in learning more about supporting your favorite local non-profit via our designated endowment funds, give us a call!  We’d love to tell you more about the benefits of supporting Rush County nonprofits by contributing to their fund at RCCF that will forever contribute back to support the nonprofits’ mission.


The Rush County Community Foundation is open Monday through Friday from 9-4.  Our office is located at 117 N Main St., Rushville.  Visit us online at

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