Field of Interest Funds Will Grant $30,000 in 2018

Nonprofit organizations interested in applying for funding for specific programs, projects, or needs may have the opportunity to be considered for one of the Rush County Community Foundation’s Field of Interest grant fund disbursements.   The Rush County Community Foundation is home to 15 Field of Interest funds: permanent endowment funds established to benefit a specific interest and/or need within our community by making charitable dollars available for the cause.


Field of Interest funds are an incredibly special fund type.  Field of Interest funds provide a unique opportunity for a donor’s dollars to make an impact on the field of their choice forever, assisting a wide variety of projects and the changing needs, various organizations, and the numerous people affected by the interest.


Like all of our funds, Field of Interest funds are made possible by the generosity of a donor(s). Although 15 donors and donor families established the existing funds, they have been supported by numerous individuals passionate about the same cause.  “Fields” among the beneficiaries of existing funds at RCCF include education, music, agriculture, Rush County parks, youth, athletics, health, and human needs.  All of these areas are supported through grant disbursements from the specific funds, some of which are competitive.  Since the first Field of Interest fund disbursement, nearly $150,000 has been awarded to these various interests in our community.  In 2018, we anticipate disbursement of $30,000 for these good causes!


In order for the funds to be disbursed, it’s necessary for an individual associated with a nonprofit organization serving Rush County to apply for relevant funding.  Funds available to support teachers (Kenneth and Charlotte Brashaber Teacher Enhancement Award and Alex Workman Memorial Fund), music (Music for Rush County Fund), youth athletics (Rush County Youth Athletic Fund), and ag-related projects (Rita Yager Memorial Ag Fund) have grant applications due on September 4th.  If you are involved with any organization that might benefit from funds supporting these areas, we encourage you to apply!

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