Dorothy Crawley Recognized on Donor Wall at Rush County Community Foundation

On the evening of Tuesday, September 26, the Board of Directors of the Rush County Community Foundation recognized Dorothy Crawley’s estate contribution to the Rush County Community Foundation.  Alisa Winters, Executive Director of the Rush County Community Foundation, presented a framed photo of Dorothy created by Green’s Photography to Dena Vittorio, a dear friend to Dorothy.  After the conclusion of the presentation, the photo was added to the Foundation’s Donor Wall.  The Donor Wall at the Rush County Community Foundation was created in the early 2000’s to honor donors that have contributed $50,000 or more to the Foundation.


Dorothy Crawley elected to leave 50% of her estate to the Rush County Community Foundation in her Last Will and Testament.  A quiet philanthropist, she had not informed the Foundation of her gift during her lifetime.  The Board of Directors and staff of the Foundation were honored to hear about Dorothy’s life and her decision to recognize the Foundation at the end of her life from the perspective of a dear friend, Dena Vittorio.


Dena’s beautiful depiction of Dorothy and her husband Robert’s life allowed those present to better know the woman she was.  Dorothy held a passion for education and earned her Teacher’s License from Hanover College and later, her Master’s Degree in Elementary Education from Ball State University, at a time when few women attained postsecondary education.  She was a beloved and respected teacher in Rush County, where she taught at Richland, Mays, Haven, Belle Gregg, and Rushville Elementary Schools for a total of 34 years.  A lifelong learner, her love of education transcended her career and she often said, “We only believe what we’ve been told.  When we get a chance to educate ourselves- to broaden our minds- it’s a good thing!  We are only limited by our own ignorance.”  Dena concluded her presentation reading a poem that Dorothy had written.


Honored by Dorothy’s generosity, the Foundation established the Dorothy Crawley Operating Fund at the end of 2016 to forever support the charitable needs of the Rush County Community Foundation.  The Dorothy Crawley Operating Fund will assist the Foundation’s future operations, relieving the staff and board of fundraising for operations, instead allowing the Foundation to focus on growing and establishing funds that support our community and community’s needs.  The Rush County Community Foundation will be forever grateful to Dorothy Crawley.


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