Community Grants benefit Milroy

Driving through the Town of Milroy as the sun begins to set, you’ll notice the attractive streetlights illuminating Main Street.  Did you know that the Rush County Community Foundation helped make the upgrade possible, and now holds a fund to forever maintain their presence?


The goal of the Foundation Fact Friday articles is to bring attention to the “undercover” work we do within our community.  The Milroy Street Light project is just one of many shining examples of the positive impact we’ve made, little by little, throughout our county.


The Town of Milroy has benefitted from the Rush County Community Foundation in a variety of ways.  Beyond the street lights, the Anderson Township/Milroy Volunteer Fire Department has received $40,000 from us via our community grant funds.  These dollars have assisted in providing safety for our local volunteer firefighters and those living in and passing through the southern region of our county.  Defibrillators, a new cardiac heart monitor, and rescue equipment are among the items made possible through community grant dollars.


The Charles E. and Jane Power Niccum Fund provides community grants throughout the community, often specifically benefiting Milroy projects when grants are given.  Many of the projects mentioned have been made possible via the Charles E. and Jane Power Niccum Fund.  Milroy also holds several funds to specifically benefit organizations within the community:  the Milroy United Methodist Church Fund, Milroy Psi Iota Xi Fund, Milroy Street Light Association Fund, and the Milroy Christian Church Scholarship Fund, Established by Kenneth E. and Mabel B. Smith provide annual distributions and offer opportunities for all to donate.


If you live, work, or just love the Milroy community, we encourage you to consider a donation to one of the funds mentioned!  Donations made to the unrestricted “community grant” funds are matched $1 for $1 (including the Niccum Fund) until March 31, 2016.  Maximize your dollar and the impact you have in Rush County:  donate to the Rush County Community Foundation, where your donation gives back locally forever.


For more information on donations and matching opportunities, please contact our office at (765) 938-1177, online at, or at 117 N. Main St. Rushville, IN 46173.

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