Community Grants benefit Mays and Raleigh

To begin our special series on the impact of our community grant funds throughout Rush County, we will highlight the impact of RCCF in the Mays-Raleigh communities.


Our Community Grants have awarded $23,000 worth of improvements for these two communities.  The Raleigh Volunteer Fire Department has seen $18,000 worth of this grant money for new garage doors, an emergency generator for the Mays station and Mays Elementary School, and new communication equipment.  The Mays Lions Club was able to make repairs to the community building with grant dollars, and the Mays Boy Scout Troop purchased a new equipment trailer and 10 new tents.


The community grant funds have provided, and will continue to provide, great support for the Mays and Raleigh communities.  The community grants are available to all non-profit organizations serving the county to apply.  All donations made to community grant funds are matched $1 for $1, making your donation incredibly valuable.


Several other funds exist to benefit the Mays community and organizations that are Mays-affiliated.  The Mays Community Fund was started by Ernie Chance to support needs for the Mays community.  Money has been awarded to assist the food pantry at Center Christian Church, the Mays Community Park, local Scouts, and the Raleigh Volunteer Fire Department.  The Center Church Cemetery Fund was started by John W. Kirkpatrick, William O. Kirkpatrick and Carol Ann Warner to provide for the maintenance of the Center Church Cemetery.  The Center Christian Church, Gray Family Fund was begun by Marilyn Roberts, Janet Sparks, and Brian Gray.  This fund is to provide annual support to benefit the Music Department of the Center Christian Church.


If you live in or around the Mays and Raleigh areas, it’s easy to see how you can support the community.  Consider a donation to the Rush County Community Foundation, where your dollar stays local and gives back to your community forever!


If you are interested in learning more about any of our funds, please visit our website, stop by our office at 117 N Main St Rushville, IN, or give us a  call at (765) 938-1177.

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