Community Grants benefit City of Rushville

In honor of the second annual “Guns & Hoses” police and firefighter games this weekend, this week’s Foundation Fact Friday series focuses on community grants provided to the City of Rushville.


Our Community Grants program has awarded $136,000.00 to the City of Rushville.  Various departments have received these funds for equipment, buildings, and projects that enhance our local quality of life, public safety, and economic development.  Our partnerships and grant funding have enabled numerous amenities that otherwise might not be possible by solely utilizing tax dollars.


Rushville is a safe place to live because of the wonderful people and departments we have protecting our community.  The City of Rushville Police Department has received $12,000.00 in RCCF grant dollars, providing assistance with the purchase of equipment for the Reserve police car, equipment for the K-9 officer, and two digital video cameras for police cars.  The City of Rushville Fire Department has received grant funding valued at $15,000.00 to purchase swift water rescue equipment and training, assist with the purchase of a pumper truck, and to develop a firefighter training center.  The Rushville Firefighters Local #173 received a grant for $10,000.00 to build a smokehouse to educate our community on fire safety, prevention, and escape.


When you think of the City of Rushville and the quality of life for those residing throughout our entire county, it’s hard to not pay credit to the amenities offered by the City of Rushville Parks Department.  From the fitness trail, playground equipment, Riverside Park Amphitheater development, and Movies in the Park, we’ve been a partner throughout it all.  The City of Rushville Parks Department has received $80,000.00 from us for all of these amenities and more, providing everyone in Rush County with a safe, enjoyable place to live and play.


The City of Rushville Public Library is another wonderful benefit for those residing in our community.  The Public Library has received $12,000.00 from RCCF grant funding, providing computers for public use, books for a Kindergarten reading program, and other books and equipment necessary to support the library.  The Public Library also received $75,000.00 in GIFT dollars to assist with the library’s renovation several years ago.


No matter where you live in the county, it’s easy to see how our support of projects for the City of Rushville impacts everyone!  Consider a donation to one of our community grant funds at the Rush County Community Foundation, where your dollar is doubled, stays local, and gives back to your community forever!

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