Community Grants benefit Carthage

Written by Alisa Winters

A few weeks ago I spent an evening in the Town of Carthage.  As my husband and I drove through en route to visit his family, I envisioned the lively town my in-laws tell us about when they recall childhood memories.  Numerous gas stations, hardware stores, grocery stores, and yards of children playing fill my mind as we drive through the quiet streets.


Though the Town of Carthage has changed a bit in the past twenty five years, many of the people with passion for the community still reside.  These people do more than live in the community; they serve the community by being advocates, volunteers, and employees of Carthage.  The Rush County Community Foundation has had the opportunity to work with many of these individuals and organizations throughout the years by providing $41,500 worth of community grant funds to benefit the town and surrounding areas.


The Carthage Volunteer Fire Department and EMTs have received $15,000 worth of community grants since 1997.  The Blue River Community Harvest, Henry Henley Library, and the Carthage Lions Club have received funds to purchase necessary equipment and supplies, repair buildings, and provide services to residents and visitors of the town.  The Town of Carthage has received $13,000 to revitalize McNabb Park, improve entry signage to the town, and to purchase a much-needed tornado siren.


Carthage is fortunate to have philanthropic individuals who want to leave a lasting impact on their community.  Several funds at the Rush County Community Foundation specifically benefit the community, including:  Ercell Bever, Jr. Memorial Fund, East Street Christian Church of Carthage Fund, Carl & Ellen Foust Fund, and the Carthage Schools Scholarship Fund.


If you live, work, or just love the Carthage community, we encourage you to consider a donation to the funds that have given so much back to you!  Donations made to the unrestricted “community grant” funds are matched $1 for $1 until March 31, 2016.  Maximize your dollar and the impact you have in Rush County:  donate to the Rush County Community Foundation, where your donation gives back locally forever.


For more information on donations and matching opportunities, please contact our office at (765) 938-1177, online at, or at 117 N. Main St. Rushville, IN 46173.

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