Community Grant Funds benefit Arlington

If you’ve driven west of Rushville on 52 through Arlington, it’s likely you’ve passed two locations in which RCCF has had a major impact.  The Arlington East Hill Cemetery and Posey Township Volunteer Fire Department have cumulatively seen more than $28,000 worth of community grant funds for improvements and equipment needs since 1996.


The Posey Township Volunteer Fire Department has seen the majority of funding of the $28,000 given to the community.  Tables and chairs for the fire department, turnout gear for firefighters, hoses and nozzles for a new fire truck, the Jaws of Life, and a tornado siren for the town of Arlington showcase where the community grant dollars have been spent.  These community grant projects assure volunteer fire fighter protection, peace of mind for Posey Township residents, safety for children attending Arlington Elementary School, and public safety for those living, working, and passing through the area.


As we conclude this special series of “Impact in our Communities”, we hope you have a greater awareness and increased knowledge of how broad the Rush County Community Foundation’s impact truly is throughout our county.  The past weeks’ Foundation Facts have recognized $352,286.00 worth of improvements and amenities made possible via our community grants, yet these dollars spread throughout our communities only represents one-third of the difference we’ve made with community grants alone.  Stay tuned for upcoming Facts for more information on where our dollars go!


Remember, if you’d like to make a difference of your own, consider a contribution to our unrestricted funds that support our community grants program.  Until next March, each $1 given is matched, doubling your impact.


If you’d like more information on the Rush County Community Foundation, our funds, and how we support the community, visit our website at  If you’ve missed a Foundation Fact Friday in the newspaper, you can catch up on all of the facts on our website’s blog.

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