Our Gratitude to the Board Members Departing in 2021

It’s that bittersweet time of the year, the changing of the guard, so to speak. Some board members must leave so that others can join. With so much gratitude, we’re definitely not saying goodbye, but “see you later” to these four!


Greg Harcourt led us through one of our most challenging years yet with so much grace, and for that and many many other reasons, we will always be grateful. Board member, Bob Gulde, agreed, noting Greg’s excellent leadership skills and comparing him to a basketball player with the keen ability to see the whole court. He added with a smile, “He’s one of the best players I’ve ever had the chance to play with.” “I really enjoyed being a part of RCCF and working with everyone. I’ve had the opportunity to work with other boards and foundations, and RCCF is among the most successful. I hope there are opportunities to stay connected,” shared Greg. Not to worry, Greg; you’ll always be a part of the RCCF team!


Working diligently behind the scenes, Marilyn Yager, was much like the head mechanic of a racing team. She kept our machine well-oiled, helping to fine tune our processes, strategies and proposals. With a great head for numbers and finance she kept a close eye on our investments, too. “Thank you for the opportunity. I’m excited to have been a part of so many good things like Five in 50 and the Lilly money. I’m leaving as a cheerleader, spokesperson and champion of RCCF,” Marilyn said. We’ll always be rooting for you, Marilyn; thank you!


When it came time for Cindy Powers to say a few words, she surprised herself and got choked up. “I want to thank Keith Perin for asking her to join the board when I didn’t think I had the time. But we make time for what we want to do,” Cindy explained through a few tears. She asked everyone to remain open-minded going forward. “You miss opportunities with closed minds.” We agree, and that’s just one of the reasons she made such a great leader. Greg mentioned, “When we would start heading south, Cindy was always able to direct us back north.” Your leadership skills have helped set us on an exciting course, Cindy, and we appreciate you being a compass to keep us heading in the right direction!


Our heartfelt thanks to Dr. Suellen Goddard, for many years of service to RCCF in so many different capacities – member, vice president, president and secretary. Her wisdom and passion will be missed. “I was pleased to be asked to serve. Board members care about what all of us were given in Rush County when we were growing up here. Good old Rush County values have served us well in our lives! Giving back is what we do,” stated Suellen. She told us that she thought she knew everyone in Rush County until her involvement with RCCF. A big plus for her was getting to know some people better and making new friends, too. We’re certainly glad to call you our friend, Suellen!

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