Double your donation!

Lilly Endowment has gifted RCCF with $500,000 available for matching funds (view announcement).  How great is that?! Between August 1, 2014 – March 31, 2016, the Rush County Community Foundation must raise $500,000 to match the granted funds. For every dollar you donate to an existing “unrestricted fund” (i.e.:  money that is invested and available for community grants) your dollar will  … Read more

Special Series: Impact in our Communities

The Rush County Community Foundation has made an impact throughout our entire county.  Our funds have disbursed more than $9 million worth of grants, scholarships, and payouts that have made a positive difference on the Rush County community since 1994.   Throughout the next few weeks, the weekly Foundation Fact will focus on the difference  … Read more

Boy Scouts of America

The Boy Scouts of America Fund was established in 2000 at the Rush County Community Foundation by William “Bill” Herdrich to provide financial support to the Rush County Boy Scouts and troops.  Since that time, the fund has provided more than $4,000 to local boys interested in becoming more involved in Boy Scouts. Bill’s passion  … Read more

Every Dollar Counts

If you’ve stopped by the Rushville CountyMark or Shell stations throughout the past two weeks it’s likely you were asked if you would like to contribute a $1 to the Rush County Community Foundation. Fortunately for us, many of you have already said yes! Each dollar donated at these local stores throughout the month of  … Read more

All Signs Point to RCCF

If you’ve been reading this article throughout the past few weeks, you’ve likely recognized the Rush County Community Foundation’s involvement with the majority of local non-profit organizations and the impact we’ve had throughout the community.  Our community grants have enabled over $900,000 worth of improvements in Rush County.  $1.5 million from Lilly Endowment GIFT money  … Read more

A little change

Walking down Main Street today, sometimes I like to imagine that 2015 has been transformed into the early 1900s:  a period in Rushville’s history when the buildings were freshly erected, the strong odor of dust and mortar and brick and paint spreading over the town like a smiling sunrise.  Envisioning the cosmopolitan women on the  … Read more

Alex Workman Fund: Autism Speaks Through Technology

When you think of the Rush County Community Foundation and its impact on the community, what do you, as a member of this great community, think of? Someone could think of the grants awarded to the Rush County Historical Society or the Rushville Police Department.   A member of this community may think of Rushville’s Riverside  … Read more

RCCF Goes on a (Reading) Safari!

Rush County Community Foundation Board President Keith Perin and Executive Director Alisa Winters had an adventurous afternoon at RES West, reading books on behalf of the Rush County Community Foundation for RES West’s Reading Safari!  Keith read the 1936 classic Snipp, Snap, and Snurr and the Red Shoes to 2nd graders.  Alisa read and gave fun  … Read more