A Preview of the Year Ahead for RCCF

The start of a new year provides a time for reflection and a time for new goals and commitments.  Last week’s Foundation Fact was dedicated to reflection; this week, we’re looking ahead to what’s sure to be another rewarding year at the Rush County Community Foundation.


As the Foundation approaches its 27th birthday in 2018, we look ahead for new opportunities for growth, donors, and impactful grantmaking.  The past 26 years have offered us the opportunity to become an established organization within the community, grow our assets, and award over $11 million in grant funding; in year 27 and beyond, we hope to only further the power of the dollars contributed to us throughout the past quarter of a century.


In 2018 we will distribute more in grants than we’ve ever given before in a single year ($508,000!!), an upward trend made possible by years of donors’ generosity and positive investment returns.  While we are excited to make an astounding impact in Rush County this year through those dollars, the Board of Directors will continue the intensive review of community needs began in 2017 with a future goal of allocating a portion of our available funding to a specific cause, with intent of affecting the greatest issue(s) in our community.  Ultimately, the Foundation is committed to our mission of enriching and enhancing the quality of life in Rush County, and in order to successfully do so, it’s important we evaluate how assess how grant dollars can be used most effectively.  In the year ahead, we anticipate working more closely with our grantees to better understand how we can best help the wonderful nonprofit organizations that serve our community.


Beyond fundraising and grantmaking, the Rush County Community Foundation strives to be recognized as a true community partner.  In 2018, we look forward to hosting more community roundtables and nonprofit workshops.  We are excited to share our insight and community relationships with other Rush County nonprofits in hopes of building new relationships and developing new opportunities within our wonderful county.


The foundation of the Rush County Community Foundation has been laid because of the commitment of hundreds of individuals, contributions from across the nation, and the dedication of our current and former members of our Board of Directors and staff.  The year ahead provides us with the opportunity to continue to build on the strong foundation established, while enabling even more possibilities for our beloved Rush County.  We are eager to begin another year with you, Rush County!

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