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Foundation Fact Friday: Planning a Gift Now, for the Future

As May concludes, our local farmers are busy in the fields and gardeners are preparing their garden for a fruitful season.  Spring serves as an opportunity for us to plant a seed for a future harvest.  While “planting a seed” can be taken literally, it’s also a term used within the charitable community.  Donors wishing  … Read more

Foundation Fact Friday: Getting Better with Age

Next week, on May 21st, the Rush County Community Foundation will celebrate its 27th birthday!  Like any birthday, this date provides us with the opportunity to both reflect and look ahead.  Today’s Foundation Fact Friday celebrates the years, and all of the inputs, that have lead us to another birthday.   When three visionary Rush  … Read more

Foundation Fact Friday: How to Start a Fund

Throughout the past few months’ of Foundation Fact Friday articles, the word “fund” has been used countless times, and our endowment funds have been referenced constantly.  Many of you have likely wondered at some point, “How does one start a fund?”   Despite the unintentional illusive articles thus far, beginning an endowment fund at the  … Read more