Blog > October, 2016

Funding $9.5 Million of Progress in Rush County

You could say that the Rush County Community Foundation has impacted our community in over 9,500,000 ways.  Each dollar of the $9,500,000+ disbursed from our permanent endowment funds has enabled a non-profit organization, person, or community project to develop.  Numerous churches, nonprofit agencies, and causes have funds at the RCCF that make a difference that  … Read more

A Memorial Gift that Lasts Forever

When a loved one of a friend or family member’s passes on, it’s difficult to know the “right” thing to say or do to help the situation.  We’re often left scrambling to prepare and deliver a casserole, rearrange schedules to visit the family and/or funeral home, and purchase an item to let the friend/family member  … Read more

The Foundation of Your Hometown

A fun week of hometown spirit culminates tonight as the Rushville Lions football team takes on South Dearborn at the annual Homecoming game.  Students and alumni alike look forward to this Friday night tradition, an opportunity to reunite and celebrate our great community under the bright lights.   When thinking about “Homecoming” in our community  … Read more