Foundation Fact Friday

Gifting Grain to maximize your dollar and tax benefits

Did you know that the Rush County Community Foundation and/or your local community foundation accept gifts of grain?  Gifting grain is a wonderful way to maximize tax benefits for charitable contributions.   If you are interested in giving grain, you must transfer the grain to the foundation before the sale in order to be IRS  … Read more

Community Grant Funds benefit Arlington

If you’ve driven west of Rushville on 52 through Arlington, it’s likely you’ve passed two locations in which RCCF has had a major impact.  The Arlington East Hill Cemetery and Posey Township Volunteer Fire Department have cumulatively seen more than $28,000 worth of community grant funds for improvements and equipment needs since 1996.   The  … Read more

Community Grant Funds benefit Glenwood

Written by Alisa Winters Heading East out of Rushville, the final town you’ll encounter in Rush County is the small, one-flasher town of Glenwood.  Growing up just outside of Glenwood, I fondly remember getting off of the school bus with friends in town to play with literally the entire neighborhood after school, Trick-or-Treating in the  … Read more

Community Grants benefit Carthage

Written by Alisa Winters A few weeks ago I spent an evening in the Town of Carthage.  As my husband and I drove through en route to visit his family, I envisioned the lively town my in-laws tell us about when they recall childhood memories.  Numerous gas stations, hardware stores, grocery stores, and yards of  … Read more

Community Grants benefit Milroy

Driving through the Town of Milroy as the sun begins to set, you’ll notice the attractive streetlights illuminating Main Street.  Did you know that the Rush County Community Foundation helped make the upgrade possible, and now holds a fund to forever maintain their presence?   The goal of the Foundation Fact Friday articles is to  … Read more

Community Grants benefit City of Rushville

In honor of the second annual “Guns & Hoses” police and firefighter games this weekend, this week’s Foundation Fact Friday series focuses on community grants provided to the City of Rushville.   Our Community Grants program has awarded $136,000.00 to the City of Rushville.  Various departments have received these funds for equipment, buildings, and projects  … Read more

Community Grants benefit Mays and Raleigh

To begin our special series on the impact of our community grant funds throughout Rush County, we will highlight the impact of RCCF in the Mays-Raleigh communities.   Our Community Grants have awarded $23,000 worth of improvements for these two communities.  The Raleigh Volunteer Fire Department has seen $18,000 worth of this grant money for new garage  … Read more

Special Series: Impact in our Communities

The Rush County Community Foundation has made an impact throughout our entire county.  Our funds have disbursed more than $9 million worth of grants, scholarships, and payouts that have made a positive difference on the Rush County community since 1994.   Throughout the next few weeks, the weekly Foundation Fact will focus on the difference  … Read more

Every Dollar Counts

If you’ve stopped by the Rushville CountyMark or Shell stations throughout the past two weeks it’s likely you were asked if you would like to contribute a $1 to the Rush County Community Foundation. Fortunately for us, many of you have already said yes! Each dollar donated at these local stores throughout the month of  … Read more

All Signs Point to RCCF

If you’ve been reading this article throughout the past few weeks, you’ve likely recognized the Rush County Community Foundation’s involvement with the majority of local non-profit organizations and the impact we’ve had throughout the community.  Our community grants have enabled over $900,000 worth of improvements in Rush County.  $1.5 million from Lilly Endowment GIFT money  … Read more